Wenn die Engel für Gott spielen, so spielen sie Bach, füreinander spielen sie Mozart.

Sir Isaiah Berlin


There Is not Only Johann Sebastian Bach in a Book: Here You Will Find some Exciting Bach Websites



"Bach on Bach" is certainly the most cross-media, most exciting homepage about Johann Sebastian Bach: there is music, videos, genealogy and the unusual. Round 1,000 pages. This website is just the right address for anyone who is beginning to take an interest in Bach. A must for everyone who already admires Johann Sebastian Bach: Experience an exciting adventure in Bach. And click here you get directly to "Bach on Bach".




Wechmar is a first-rate pilgrimage destination for people who, beyond Johann Sebastian Bach, are enthusiastic about the entire Bach family of musicians. It was here that the story of the Bach family of musicians began, who were then called Bache. The picture shows the Veit Bach Mill, the oldest place of activity of the clan, next to the Bach House a few meters further on. There is a worthwhile, small homepage about the Bach village with lots of information, many pictures and a short, cute video. Click the button to go to the homepage "Bach in Wechmar".




The homepage "Johann Sebastian Bach für Kinder" is child-friendly for three different age groups and is aimed at future Bach fans and future fans of classical music, so that fun is the most important thing. On a special homepage in the project "Bach about Bach" this website is also a useful guide to more comprehensive information, for example a selection of 5 short biographies of different lengths and a multimedia short biography of 8 minutes. On the homepage "Bach about Bach". Click the button to go to "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children".



Here you will finally find the adventure playground for all those who are enthusiastic about Johann Sebastian Bach or want to give something as a present. Here you can find calendars for your office and your home or to give away. In addition there are puzzles, artwork, antiques, tin figures and much, much more and everything around Bach or music. With a click on the button you come to "Bach 4 You" and there to the shop.




The biography of Bach for Children is already a very special book. Because it is - with 172 pages - first of all a real biography ... but just for children. And apparently also for adults. And she has her own homepage on the Internet. There you can try it out, but even more exciting: there you can also listen to a whole chapter. Click the button here to go there quickly ... to the website of the biography about Bach for children.




Three members of the famous family of musicians around Johann Sebastian Bach have designed a colouring book about the life of the Thomaskantor. Painter Briana Bach-Hertzog - who is even more closely related to the composer than the author and publisher - contributed the many wonderful drawings. Peter Bach Jr. thought up the scenes and wrote the little bilingual biography - the shortest about the Thuringian by the way - and Renate Bach did what publishers do: the rest. Click the button here to go to the homepage of the small Bach colouring book.


Music Gifts and More Music Gifts: 33 Music Calendars, 33 Composers Calendars Plus – It Goes Without Saying – 33 Bach Calendars, Too



Do you recognize the motif from above? You can also bring this historical picture and 11 others into your home. All historical originals are scanned in high resolution and are therefore even more effective than in the original format. Of course, they are more in A3 or A2 format than in A4. But A4 also has its appeal: Bach calendars over Bach calendars ... together 33. Here is your way to the shop, if you like.




It's almost an adventure park for Bach fans looking for a Bach gift. The publisher offers Bach gifts in 5 Bach shops learn more.




What a beauty: the 2000 Bach beer stein, very, very rare to find. On the right side it's the 2022 pipe organ calendar, which you can order in 3 sizes.




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