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Is your child 4 or your grandpa 99? "Bach 4 You" offers gifts and gift ideas for musicians: Music calendars, composers calendars, Bach calendars and more.


Actually a music poster calendar for four-year-old children? Yes, check the pic below. Next group is children between 5 and 10: The publishing house really offers more than one cute music calendar. Next, are the teens and young adults: This audience might love most of the many designs of all calendars. Finally for parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on there is the conservative offer. However: They might love even more than 50 % of all calendars.



No, that is not the music calendar for the four-year-olds. This calendar rather matches a period, in which young future musicians learn to play a musical instrument. By the way: This is the value-priced of the 33 music calendars. The other 32 are the "hot off the press" calendars. However: They are more inexpensive than many calendars of other publishing houses. Offering different themes. Of course.




Music calendars, music T-shirts ... did you know "Bach 4 You" offers them in 5 Bach shops ... learn more.




A music calendar for the really cute, little kids. That would be our suggestion for the four-year-old kids and all future star musicians among us. You may discover all month pages in the shop. To the shop.




Bach bust or the 2022 pipe organ wall calendar? This is the suggestion for all music fans beyond 16 who are also enthusiastic about dream organs (... in this case on the right). In the shop, you can explore all monthly pages of all 99 music calendars. There you can find "music calendars and more music calendars" and many of them are even perfect for kids and teens. Others for teens and adults. Now, take a look at the shop? To the shop.




Music calendars, nothing but music calendars is also a motto at "Bach 4 You". There are 99 music calendars  and they are divided into the categories Bach calendars, composers calendars and ... music calendars ... Music calendars are available for little music fans and also for big music fans. To the shop.





Of course, there is a music calendar for the little ones here. For future Mozarts, for prospective Beethovens. The above is cute, but at "Bach 4 You" there are other music calendars for kids and also for young people.




With this music calendar, the music calendars for children say goodbye on this page. The shop has a total of 33 calendars for the little ones, the little ones, and the not so little ones anymore.




Composer Calendar about Composer Calendars. It looks bigger above even cooler. It's actually the noble one among the 33 composer calendars. Exactly 99 music calendars are what Bach 4 You" offers.  To the shop.




33 Bach calendars. There really is the right Bach calendar for every taste and every age. For young and old, for conservatives and for top coolers. For music fans, for musicians and for people who are looking for a suitable music gift for music lovers. 




Just a reminder: Find thousands additional Bach gifts in 4 additional Bach shops learn more.




The star of the publishing programme for "Bach 4 You" is the biography of the master for children. It is the first publication to be designed and produced by 3 creatives from the family of musicians. Would you like to find out more about the biography on the homepage?




The Bach colouring book is also a star in the publishing house, albeit with fewer pages. Like the biography for children, the Bach colouring book is jointly designed and produced by three members of this family of musicians. Briana Bach-Hertzog, who lives in the USA and has painted the cool drawings, deserves the most credit for this work. The Bach colouring book also has its own homepage, where you can discover all pages and Bach's adventures. Now 'quick to get there?




Two Bach presents are supposed to make a little promotion for this corner in the shop "Bach 4 You", a representative of the round 50 Bach presents. There you will find historical antiques, Bach beer jugs, Bach puzzles, and a Bach book support as well as 50 exciting music gifts. At the top, it is a fully plastic tin figure, which the publisher also offers perfectly painted. A flat pewter figure depicting Bach in Eisenach completes the offer.




Also this music offer and what there is to say to the two additional gifts, explains another completely own homepage of the publishing house. This makes the music offer of "Bach 4 You" one of the cheapest CD collections of Bach's music on the market. Take a look around on the website and from this homepage you will get to the shop in the best possible way. If you like. To the shop.




Music gifts, nothing but music gifts. On the left side it's the Bach calendar for cool Bach fans, big or little. On the right side it's the latest Bach gift, that the shop "Bach 4 You" offers: the little Bach figure.




Bach gifts and more Bach gifts in 5 Bach shops learn more.




How does he get here? It's a Johann Sebastian Bach website, no Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart website. However, that is how cookies crumbles when a publishing house has the motto "composers calendars and more composers calendars" too.





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