The Bach Music Complete Edition and the Bach-Gesamtausgabe: "Bach 4 You" Finally Brings Light into the Darkness


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The cool price tag is only € 119, plus shipping and handling. You have no clue, what the amount of € 119 is in Dollars today? We know. That is why we provide a currency calculator here for you. However, after checking, what the amount in your currency is (... even beyond US Dollars) and after exploring the free Bach gifts, from which you can choose 2, please keep in mind, that your decision results in 3 advantages: a low price, 2 free Bach gifts, and your support, to spread the knowledge about Bach and his music with our project and mission even more.



The Bach Music Complete Edition and 2 free Bach gifts is the best deal you can get if you purchase the music of the master at "Bach 4 You". The Bach biography for children, which is perfect for adults, too, for instance, is an audio fun of some 8 hours. With Bach music, that goes without saying. Or you decide for the shorter version with less music of Bach. Or you are happy with a version with no music of the master at all. To the shop?



The Bach Complete Edition: this is what it looks like, namely the so-called "Old Bach Complete Edition". Published in the century before last. More precisely? Between 1851 and 1899. Right, it was published over a period of two generations.
Are you interested in Bach's music? That would then be the complete Bach music oeuvre. Or the so-called Bach Music Complete Edition Then click on the button right next to it.


Old, New and Revised New Bach Complete Edition


First, we keep our promise: What is what?


And even better, you get a confusing German lesson before. Okay, let's try. The challenge is, that the difference is only challenging in German, in the English language there is no such challenge. First, because 1 in 1,000 folks are interested in Bach's music to listen to, not on music sheets. Second, if you would love to get the note sheets you - outside Germany - would have to dig deep into the subject, to find what you want. In Germany, all Bach experts agreed that the "Bach Musik Gesamtausgabe", which is the Bach Music Complete Edition is the music, which you can listen to. The note sheets, however, is the Bach Music Gesamtwerk", which is the Bach Music Complete Works. Until the Bach experts - among other Bach experts - decided which is which, you could use the terms as you liked it. You can still do that today. As both expressions are changeable. The funny thing is: Some folks who want to sell the Bach music have no clue, which is which and advertises - in 99.9 percent - the "Bach Musik Gesamtausgabe" but some call it wrong. Now read, what we explain to Germans from this point on:


Unusual: For Bach connoisseurs, the "Bach Musik Gesamtwerk" is not the work of music to be heard, but the compilation of hundreds of sheet music, exactly 16,800 pages. So if you google "Bach Gesamtausgabe", you will automatically come across the "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe" (Old Bach Complete Works) and sometimes also the "Neue Bach-Gesamtausgabe" (New Bach Complete Works). To top it all off - but not just to confuse you - there is also a "Revised New Bach Complete Edition" (Revised New Bach Complete Works). These include results that actually belong to Bach's complete musical oeuvre, i.e. a collection of musical works or music carriers.


What is the difference between the three variants? The Old Bach Complete Works, the New Bach Complete Works, and the Revised New Bach Complete Works? First of all, there are all three of them: the compilations of Bach's works on sheet music. The so-called Old Bach Complete Edition was published in 1851 in a first volume by the publishing house Breitkopf und Härtel in cooperation with the Bach Society in Leipzig: every 48 years another volume was published and today this complete work is in the public domain. This means that there is no longer any copyright protection on it. However, only so few copies of complete editions still exist that they are priceless and well protected in a few libraries around the world. It is different from a compilation of all pages as scans. They are available for download ... or in the offer of the Renate Bach Verlag when buying the Bach complete works free of charge as a gift.



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Is the New Bach Complete Works Cheaper than the Old Bach Complete Works? What About this Revised New Bach Complete Works?


From 1954 to 2007, the Bärenreiter publishing house later produced the "New Bach Complete Edition". Although it seems to have ended in 2007, the last volume was not published until 2016. This New Bach Complete Edition is created exclusively for Bach lovers. Yes, one cannot speak otherwise than of "created". The small and new Renate Bach Verlag also wants to advertise here a little for the renowned publishing house Bärenreiter, which is respected all over the world, because it will not be that easy to stumble over this edition: the price for this work, which differs from the Old Bach Complete Edition in that for musicologists it actually reflects almost the very last state of Bach scholarship, is exciting. You can buy this edition for an amount of € 15,000.00 to € 20,000, and the publisher will certainly tell you at any time whether you can still count on a kind of subscription price ... or not at some point. The most recent edition is the "Revised New Bach Complete Edition" and it will be available in 2018 in six volumes for € 600 each. Every year one is added and long after the middle of this 21st century, this collection will be complete. Here too, please obtain the latest information directly from the publisher or bookseller. "Almost the latest status ..." ... you want to know more? Gladly: Since the first volume of the "New Bach Complete Edition" was published, at least 7 decades have passed since then.


Has it been possible to provide a little overview?


Bach in the Box: Every Bach Music Complete Edition Comes in a Decorative Box ... and Why Is that so?


We bring light into the darkness: This is the current Brilliant-Classic-Edition 2014, which is also in 2020 the highest quality range.


It's all a question of weight: the various boxes - boxes - of the Brilliant-Classic label are pretty. And the CD sleeves made of strong paper or light cardboard are also successful and informative for this number. Because: If these 142 CDs had been offered in more valuable plastic cases, the price would certainly have been 50 % higher and the weight would also have been higher. Instead of a pleasant 4 kilograms, it would certainly have been 8 kilograms. And it would also have been a much more voluminous set. Conclusion: that's a good thing.


Three Editions, Many Vendors, Hundreds of Prices


This all seems very, very confusing and if one hadn't read in so intensively for the design of a homepage page like this, then the offer would actually have remained highly confusing. By far the most widespread is the Bach complete work of the music publisher Brillant Classic. Over the past 15 years, these music experts have published a total of three editions, all of which are still offered in parallel today. This is confusing, since buying the same edition seems to be the same, but in its previous form means "you don't take part in all the improvements". It's like buying a car without knowing it, when you accidentally buy the model from last year. The first two editions of Brillant Classic are not bad, but the current edition is optimized here and there ... as is the case with recent editions.


Strangely enough, these editions are offered at incredibly different prices, ranging from 119.00 to a hefty € 1,435. Add to that the age of the first and second editions, of course, and also the optimization of the latest box of music.


A cool offer today ... the 2014 edition.


Many Editions, Many Prices, Many Collections ... for Instance "Just the Cantatas"



A cool offer back then: the 2009 edition. To the shop.


The "Bach Music Complete Edition + the Old Bach Gesamtausgabe + Gift Ensemble




The Bach Music Complete Edition ... or simply the music of Johann Sebastian Bach in a compact box. Only if you prefer to hear it played by certain orchestras or soloists, you get even a little closer to your personal happiness? But not ... at this price. Really not. 


142, 152, 155 CDs? Do You Get More for Your Money with Your Decision for the Collection with Fewer CDs?


No, really not: the collection with "only" 142 CDs does not lack a single musical work by Bach. But all pieces are so much better arranged with two decades of experience that you can get by with considerably fewer CDs ... and then offer the complete work at a lower price. So the number of CDs is insignificant. Here again for you the way to the shop, with one click you are right there.


33 Music Calendars, 33 Composers Calendars, 33 Bach Calendars



What's a Bach calendar doing here? Well, maybe you were looking for the music of Mr. Bach and now you find one of the 33 Bach calendars for the Eisenacher really cool. This calendar contains 24 portraits of Bach that you probably don't know. 12 of them were painted in the 19th and 20th centuries, 12 others were painted in the 21st century ... namely ours, in the Internet age. To the shop.




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