Wenn die Engel für Gott spielen, so spielen sie Bach, füreinander spielen sie Mozart.

Sir Isaiah Berlin

Heile die Seele, nicht die Krankheit.

Dr. Edward Bach

Bach Music Complete Edition Is the Bach Works of Music or 1.128 Music Pieces

The Bach Music Complete Edition. The amounts in the navigation € vs. $ are based on a currency of € 0,84 = $ 1. That changes every day. Check what's the matching amount of $ today: Click here. Plus, please add S&H to your purchase. That is what the "*" is about.

The Bach Music Complete Edition and this Data DVD is the best deal you can get if you purchase the music of the master at "Bach 4 You". It is an audio fun of some 8 hours. With Bach music, that goes withour saying.

33 Music Calendars, 33 Composers Calendars Plus – It Goes Without Saying – 33 Bach Calendars, Too

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